"It was good to learn how to do different massage strokes and also why they helped your baby.  I would never have known what to do on the tummy, face or back. It was great". Jenny, SW London

"Enjoyable, informative - good for baby and mummy! Relaxing music; personable, knowledgable teacher...lovely chilled out atmosphere and even cups of tea..." Vicki St Margarets

"Excellent course....We have very much enjoyed every week" Chloe SW London

"I enjoyed learning all the strokes at an easy pace. Baby enjoys it and it's a nice thing to do in the morning". Henny, SW London

"Jenny is brilliant! Baby massage was fantastic. Very thorough and detailed assistance. Classes were relaxed and friendly". Anon, West London

"I enjoyed the songs and the different ways to soothe my daughter. The class was very interesting". Monica, West London

"I enjoyed the laid back and stress-free atmosphere, good pace, lovely manner of instruction". Sarah, SW London

"Relaxed, friendly, well-paced; a session to look forward to". Charli, SW London

"The class has been lovely and informal. I liked the progression of the classes in stages". Anon, West London

"Class was very well run, flexible and relaxed..Perfect for babies. Very friendly and informative. Jenny was fantastic". Anon, West London

"The gentle atmosphere and talking was really enjoyable. The massage explanations were excellent...." Kate, St Margarets

"Jenny was warm and relaxed...this has given me memories I will always treasure. Thank you so much" Carolyn, Whitton

"Jenny did a great job of explaining everything and providing a lovely welcoming environment..." Tracey, St Margarets