little floribundas, baby massage & baby yoga 

Welcome to Little Floribundas Baby Massage and Baby Yoga!

Little Floribundas provides you with the opportunity to learn simple, yet effective, massage strokes, yoga moves and stretches for your baby in a calm and relaxed environment. Little Floribundas offers a variety of classes for babies (aged approximately 8 weeks - toddlers) which can help relieve the discomfort of wind, colic and teething as well as promoting well being, enhancing development and encouraging bonding.

Baby massage @ 8wks-Crawling 

Enjoy learning massage strokes in a relaxing environment to help enhance your baby's development, encourage bonding and to promote general well-being. more...



Happy Tummy and teething workshops for unsettled babies. more...

 Baby yoga @ 3mo-1 year

Baby yoga is  a natural progression from baby massage and incorporates additional stretches and strokes to the massage classes and includes breathing techniques and stretching for parents/carers.